HE Clissmann                        

Bayer Healtcare Pharmaceuticals

In mid-2007, HE Clissmann and Bayer Healtcare Pharmceiticals (formerly Schering AG) celebrated 57 years of working together, improving healthcare in Ireland. The contract between the two firms was signed in 1950. Since then, the Irish business has grown to reflect the excellent range of Schering products which have contributed to improved healthcare in Ireland and since 2007 has incorporated the Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals range.

In a change in July 2007, the responsibility for the sales and marketing of the products, as well as the role of marketing authorisation [PA] holder transferred (as legal formalities allow) to Bayer Limited.

The more recent products placed on the Irish market include the first ever treatment for MS, Betaferon, the most innovative method of long-term reversible contraception,  Mirena, and the most recent in a long line of reliable oral contraceptives Yasminelle, itself a follow-up to the widely accepted product, Yasmin. Nexavar offer the world's first ever treatment for HCC as well as an innovative treatment for RCC. Bayer's pipeline is a full one, offering the potential of innovative treatments in many areas, all subject to rigorous testing and regulatory approval of course!

Patient Information Leaflet details can be found here (external site: www.medicines.ie)

Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals - Contacts in Ireland

The Bayer Healthcare team in Ireland can now be reached in the offices of Bayer Limited, the Atrium, Blackthorn Road, Dublin 18 and at the phone number 01-2999313.

For visitors, the offices are on the fifth floor of the Atrium A block - next door to Microsoft and across the road from AIB. Block A is between the Microsoft block and the Luas station, on the Sandyford Industrial Estate.

Bayer Limited now provide support and services for their full range of medicines from their Dublin offices and can be reached on 01-2999313 or bayer.ltd@bayer.ie - see www.bayer.ie for latest details.