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Logo placement in Excel headers or footers

Welcome to my short demonstration on how to place a logo in an Excel sheet header or footer.

This tip is also useful in a range of other programs, as it allows for convenient placement of logos in programs that do not allow for embedding a graphic, or where you want to save memory, bandwidth and hard disk space.

These are the steps to take. I will describe each one in some detail below.

  1. Create or buy a font with your logo in the font. Save this font in ...\WINDOWS\FONTS
  2. Your logo will then be represented by a letter or two (M and N in our example)
  3. Place the letter(s) that represent your logo in the Excel header or footer
  4. Mark these letters with the name of your logo font

Several companies will put your logo into a font, for a fee. If you lack expertise, this may be the way to go. To find one, enter "font design" into Google or similar. I have no experience of any, so cannot recommend one.

You can create the font yourself, as I did. This saves money and gives you greater freedoms in the long run. In order to create the font with the example logo, I used a software package called Font Creator Program. If you like it after 30 days use, you can buy it. Download the trial version from High-Logic, the authors.

I had the original logo in Corel DRAW format (.CDR). I used the Corel Draw Export feature for TrueType font format to export the graphic in two parts, to the letters M and N - [Tip: ensure you graphic is small and is placed at 0,0 on the sheet before you export.]

I then opened the font file created by Corel Draw and placed the characters more accurately. The version of Corel Draw I have (v8) does not set metrics - the left and right margins of each created character, which you then do in Font Creator Program.

Just as a note: you can have several logos in one font, each on a separate letter. (For instance: Company logo on A, Product 1 logo on B, Product 2 logo on C, signature on D, etc.)

In the example, which you can download from the links below, I set the left margin of the M letter in the middle of the letter, so that the "Mirena" word is correctly placed under the dot over the I. The "M", which represent dot and the symbol on the left can then be marked in one colour and the "N" which represent the Mirena word can be printed in black, as was intended.

Finally, I created a symbol for W which can optionally be used to place an URL under the logo.

Try the downloaded software mentioned above with the logo you can download from here, to see what I mean:

Item Link
Font with example logo pcmag.ttf (Install in ...\WINDOWS\FONTS folder)
Example Excel Spreadsheet pcmagdemo.xls
Example sheet as printed (Acrobat) pcmagdemo.pdf (Does NOT require sample font)
Font Creator Program www.high-logic.com
Article that prompted me to set up this page http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,4149,4901,00.asp

We have used this technique for many of the logos of the products we promote. I was inspired to explain how when I read an article in PC Magazine this month (read here) by  Neil J. Rubenking where he answered a user letter from Philip Cohen.

While this solution does require some initial work, it may save hours or more of frustration in the long run.

Conn Clissmann
Dublin, July 11th 2002

Conn Clissmann has over 20 years PC experience and now runs a family business in Dublin, Ireland delivering healthcare solutions. Conn still consults in the area of application of software, mostly on Microsoft products.