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HE Clissmann has left Sandyford, but...

But our principals, Bayer Limited, are still there in Block A of the Atrium. From the M50, Take Exit 13 signposted for Sandyford Estate. Turn right at the traffic lights at the Beacon Hotel onto Blackthorn Close. Take first right onto Blackthorn Drive at the Beacon Hospital (Mercedes - Alo Kavanagh on your left).

Follow the Blackthorn Road around a left-hand bend, go through a set of traffic lights and proceed towards the Luas. Two tall white buildings are on your left - these are the two Atrium Buildings. The first one you meet is identified externally as the Microsoft Building. This is Block B. Pass it and the next building is Block A - practically opposite the AIB building and with a bus-stop outside for the Airport (blue) bus - Bayer Limited are on north-western end the fifth floor of Block A of the Atrium.

(Map below is slightly out of date - M50 extends past Sandyford to N11 - will catch up as soon as source does.)

GPS settings: 53 16.625N; 06 12.459W (sometimes shown as 53 16.625; -06 12.459)