HE Clissmann

SMS - Text messaging from any PC on your LAN

We are developing a system for sending an SMS text message from any PC on your LAN to any GSM mobile phone. 

If you would like to learn more about this - or would like to participate in a beta-test please contact us at mail@clissmann.com or the other contact means on our Contact page.

While a proper section of our site is being developed, here are some screenshots of the software.

A handy phonebook lets you manage your contacts across a workgroup - as well as allowing for private numbers. Multiple recipients can easily be selected. A useful indicator shows how many characters remain in the administrator-selected maximum length. The normal 160 character limit can easily be exceeded by allowing the software to automatically stitch two or more SMS messages together.

You can review the history of messages sent and see their status - delivered to the recipient's phone (or not).

Search you phonebook - by name, number and notes content

Quickfire buttons on the right can be configured with boilerplate text - easy to select and send.

The phonebook and log of messages sent are located on a shared drive on your LAN.