Support materials box

Support materials distribution

Support materials boxMany firms need to distribute support materials to their own staff and direct contacts, to meeting or exhibition venues or to their own offices. It is a waste of space, time and money for companies to stock these items in their own offices and arrange for shipping themselves.

Support materials typically include promotional literature, training and demonstration materials and stands.

We offer each company their own online store where representatives and other approved persons can easily order these support materials to be delivered the next day throughout Ireland (or collected from our premises if that is preferred). The stock levels are clearly and accurately maintained and there are many checks and balances available to the company management. For optimum flexibility, we use the industry-leading Magento as the online store software and host the store on a fast and reliable server.

Examples of control include the ability to block visibility for certain users for categories of items, and individual items can have maximum quantity orders (per order, per month or per lifetime of the product). There are far too many controls available to mention here and these can be tailored to suit the needs of each company.

Transparency is maintained with daily stock reports delivered to nominated managers in the respective companies.

Contact us if you have a need for such a service in your company – we would be delighted to explore the options with you.